Cooking Under Pressure - Complete Meals in Under an Hour
Date : Mar 06, 2018 Time : 06:30pm to 09:00pm
Address : 2N308 Brundige Road, Elburn, IL 60540 Where : Heritage Prairie Farm


Did Santa bring you one for Christmas?  Or do you have one in the closet still in the box?  Well now is the time to bring it out and learn what you have been missing.  We will even work with the “old school” stove top models – which is how I started using a pressure cooker.


A pressure cooker allows you to prepare healthy, wholesome, delicious meals in a fraction of the time.  Inexpensive cuts of meat become tender and juicy, grains and beans can be cooked daily without long cooking and stirring. Beautiful broths and soups can be made on a weekly basis.


We will review all the benefits of modern pressure cookers, the various techniques and terminology, safety and step-by-step cooking instructions.


Since this is March, and I am Irish, we will cook a savory Irish Stew with lots of veggies.  While our dinner is cooking, we will also bake fresh Irish Soda bread to sop up all the lovely gravy.


Join us for this hands-on class.  All levels welcome.  YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN PRESSURE COOKER.  If you do not have one yet, contact me for suggestions. 


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