Fermented Sauerkraut - 3 Ways - Whole Foods
Date : Oct 17, 2017 Time : 06:30pm to 09:00pm
Address : 2607 W. 75th Street, Naperville, IL 60540 Where : Whole Foods Market


Raw and lacto-fermented sauerkraut is a far cry from the soft, vinegary stuff in a can we ate as kids.  Fermented sauerkraut has many health benefits:

  • It is ripe with probiotic power – great way to rebuild healthy bacteria in our systems due to overuse of antibiotics.
  • Is a good source of vitamin C – sauerkraut was packed for long sea voyages to ward off scurvy (caused by vitamin C deficiency)
  • It has cancer -fighting properties, both as a cruciferous food and boosted further through fermentation which inhibits the growth of cancer cells.


We will offer three options during this class:


Basic– basic sauerkraut with or without caraway seeds.

Robust Ruby – Red cabbage, onions, black peppercorns

Anti-inflammatory– with turmeric, lemons and spices.  Great for aches and pains.


  • Fresh, organic ingredients will be provided for hand-mixing your own sauerkraut.
  • Each person will take home a quart of their finished product.
  • All ingredients and detailed recipes included.



  • Wide mouth quart mason jar (value $1)
  • Pickle Pipe fermentation cap (value $5)

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