Homemade Kefir and Variations - WF
Date : Apr 17, 2018 Time : 06:30pm to 08:30pm
Address : 2607 West 75th Street, Naperville, IL 60450 Where : Whole Foods Market Naperville


Kefir is like yogurt with it tartness, but also has a yeasty flavor which adds an effervescence to this nutritional drink.  The bacteria in kefir are a different strain of probiotics that can colonize the intestinal tract.  Kefir has twice as many strains of beneficial bacteria.  Most commercial kefir contains added sugar, pectin, and fillers.  Ours will only contain organic milk and the many strains of kefir bacteria.

Each participant will:

  • Make their own kefir starter to take home
  • Taste various flavors of second ferment kefirs
  • Experiment with kefir as cheese and dressing
  • Learn various ways to incorporate kefir into your foods

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